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The Winter Guard comprise the bulk of Khador's forces. Every Khadoran male is (proudly) conscripted into the Winter Guard at the age of 17 winters. Women may volunteer, but this is usually discouraged.


The Winter Guard troopers have average stats across the board. Their DEF is painfully low, and they won't be dodging regular attacks. Guardsmen truly are conscript troopers, and without support they excel at exactly nothing.


  • Blunderbuss - A low-ranged, reasonably powerful weapon.
  • Axe - A decent melee weapon.

Special Abilities

Available Attachments

Thoughts on the Winter Guard

The Winter Guard present no real threat by themselves in accordance with their low points cost. You'll be able to field a large number of Guardsmen in any army, and this is usually a good idea if you choose to field them. The Winter Guard's strength lies in numbers and in stacking special rule upon special rule, so get recruiting.

The Winterguard Death Star

The "Death Star" is the slang amongst Khador players for an army focused primarily on a swarm or two of Winter Guard. A typical Death Star squad (coming in at a total of 13 points) includes a maximum unit of Winter Guard infantry, an Officer & Standard Bearer, three Rocketeers, and Kovnik Joe. You might also add one or two of the Winter Guard Weapon Crews and a squad of Riflemen in a bigger Death Star game. If you'd like to try the Death Star, the best casters to run alongside it are Sorscha2 (who makes their CRAs more accurate) and either Irusk1 or Irusk2 (both of whom can give the Winter Guard a suite of buffs, including Tough).

If the Death Star appeals to you, check out the Winter Guard Death Star sample lists page for a sample of how to build them.

NOTE: A common mistake is to consider Winter Guard Infantry as THE Winter Guard; the spelling is clear, so any power, ability, spell and so on that refers to Winter Guard potentially includes Winter Guard Infantry, Winter Guard Rifle Corps, Winter Guard Mortar Team, Winter Guard Field Gun, etc.