Discordia – Retribution Character Heavy Myrmidon

Discordia, the favored myrmidon of Adeptis Rahn, is arguably the pinnacle of Iosan warjack technology. Capable of projecting a wall of force energy around friendly forces or focusing that energy into a concentrated wave to shatter all opposition in its path, Discordia is a singular symbol of House Shyeel’s—if not the Retribution’s—might.


Discordia has the same stats and damage grid as the other Shyeel-chassis Retribution heavy myrmidons with higher MAT and RAT.

Weapons and Attacks

  • Sonic Pulse Cannon – The only in-faction large spray attack the Retribution has access to.
  • Blade Fist (x2) – Same idea as the Manticore's Saber Fists, but slightly more powerful.

Special Abilities

  • Field Dependent – Discordia loses the ability to use the Sonic Pulse Cannon and its imprint if the Field Generator system is crippled.
  • Special Issue [Rahn] – Discordia was built just for Adeptis Rahn, allowing it to be taken in all of Rahn's tier lists. This also allows Rahn to bond with Discordia.
  • Imprint: Kinetic Field – Discordia's Imprint gives immunity to blast damage and a bonus to ARM against ranged attacks to all friendly models within 3".

Thoughts on Discordia

Retribution heavy warjacks are multipurpose tool kits, and Discordia is no exception. It provides interesting options for players as well as a potential solution for models with Stealth.

Discordia is a character warjack, and as such it has higher MAT than non-character heavy 'jacks (it also cannot be marshaled, which should be kept in mind). It has two fairly high P+S attacks compared to other myrmidons, and it hits more reliably. All of this translates into a bladed killing machine. Its power attacks are also more accurate, which can be crucial when you need a head butt, lock, or double-handed throw.

While Discordia's generator is up and running, it has a max-length, magical high-POW spray. Ain't nothing wrong with that. This allows you to open charge lanes, remove problematic stealthy solos, kill Incorporeal troops, kill troops in cover, or eliminate the odd utility solo hugging a 'jack or 'caster. Discordia's relatively high RAT gives you a better chance of killing high-DEF solos with a judicious boost. This works wonders during Ravyn's feat turn, as every attack roll is boosted and its POW can pulp most infantry with ease. Likewise, Ossyan's feat turn turns the spray into a cone of doom for heavier targets. Ossyan's somewhat-maligned Chronomancer spell can come in handy with Discordia's spray, too. If you're spraying an infantry unit, you can reasonably hit 4-6 models. Future Sight will help mitigate random bad rolls that prevent you from killing squishy infantry, as you can give Discordia three focus and only use what you need, when you need it.

A common technique with Kinetic Field is to have infantry advance in a chevron, and have Discordia use its imprint and move into their midst. It is worth noting that you can imprint and then run. The Kinetic Field provides significant protection to units normally extremely vulnerable to blast templates. Invictors bump up to ARM 19, arranged into 4 triangles of 3 around Discordia with the point of each facing inward. Mage Hunter Strike Force units become a lot more resilient, able to hide behind Discordia to make best use of Phantom Hunter while leaving open charges against warjacks.

Remember, Kinetic Field makes your troops immune to blast damage from both from enemy and friendly fire. Should an annoying high DEF unit try to bog down one of your key units (Winter Guard Infantry under the Bob & Weave order and Iron Flesh, for example), move Discordia into range and have Stormfall Archers lob in blasts to clear out the bad guys.

With Vyros1, a unit of Dawnguard Sentinels with UA, and Discordia you can take the chevron advance to the next level. Cast Inviolable Resolve on the Sentinels, keep them touching at least one other model in the unit, and use Discordia's Imprint to give the Sentinels ARM 21 against ranged attacks. Should anything crack the armor of the Sentinels they'll be getting a Vengeance move + Weapon Master attack, and then Discordia can jump in to finish off any resilient targets.
Dawnguard advancing in chevron

Remember that even if a model is immune to blast damage, it is not immune to continuous effects from blasts. A medium AOE template causing continuous fire (stupid Vanquisher...) makes clustering troops near Discordia a very bad idea indeed. Be aware of what your opponent can throw at you before relying too heavily on its Imprint.
[QUOTE=hausdorff space;1300013]First!I'm going to get in before everyone else and say I have no problem with these minis; sure they might not be the 100% best options, but later releases change things and not everything a faction has should always be on the great side of good.[/QUOTE]